Mouth of Babes

Our Sunday Club (Preschool -P6) has been studying the Psalms this month of May. they even did a field trip to Inverleith Park for inspiration to write their own Psalms. Here are a few of them. They are great. Indeed out of the mouth of babes came praise to our Great God. Thank you for sharing them with us.

The blossom blooms in the spring
The animals drink in a ring
Thank you God for the earth.

Snow fall in the cold
But the earth He will still hold
Living on the earth is a blessing
Thank you God for the earth.

As the world rotates around the sun,
Living has never been such fun
As we see the earth as it is
Nothing is as great as this.

Thank you God for the earth
All the animals give birth
You have made the world great
You are a Great Mate.

Thank you God for the dogs,
I like to stroking them
They are my favourite type of animal.
I like how swans look
and I like their babies.
Thank you God for flowers -
They look very pretty.
Thank you God for the water,
Thank you for the trees so bright.
God's Love

The lions roar
The eagles soar
They are oh so powerful

The oceans flow
The winds blow
They are oh so powerful

The buffaloes charge
The elephants so large
They are oh so powerful

The fires burn
The whirlpools churn
They are oh so powerful

But none of them could beat God's Love
So let us bow our heads and worship Him!

As He watches over our great earth
Let's be thankful of our birth,
And praise Him for His Love!

(by Sophie T)

Follow Me

The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland begins next week on Saturday 18th May and will conclude on Friday the 24th May. Throughout the week commissioners to the General Assembly examine its work, life and laws and make decisions that affect the future of the church. The General assembly is the highest court of the church, and as such it is its sovereign governing body. It usually meets once a year. And a minister (teaching elder) or an elder of a Kirk Session (ruling elder) is usually commissioned to participate in its proceedings about every three years.

This year the so called Blue Book (containing the Assembly Reports, and referred to it by its colour) has the title: Jesus Said: Follow Me.

In our postmodern world it is so easy for individuals, congregations and the national church to follow the swinging moods of the world. Often the pressure is immense, and the arguments appear to be reasonable. Please pray that the General Assembly, the commissioners, and the whole of the church will know who to follow! We all will indeed follow the Risen Lord in discussion, decision making, service and conduct of life. After all He is the Way, the Truth and The Life. For no-one can offer us a way that leads to the truth and eternal life only Jesus Christ. Let us walk in His footsteps, living by and proclaiming His truth, and conducting a life filled with His obedience to God, our Father. Regardless what the world says.