The young engaged couple, Adam and Eve, visited their old minister to discuss their wedding service. He looked at them lovingly for a long time, then he said:

“My son, do you want to be happy?”

“Yes, of course I do! Very much so!”

“What about you, my daughter? Do you want to be happy too?”

“Certainly, I do!”

“In that case, do not get married…” said the old pastor.

They were shocked as they looked at him. Then the old pastor continued:

“Only if both of you want to make each other happy! Only that way will you be happy. For there are no marriages that are always happy. But marriages in which they seek each other’s happiness do exist – and those are the happiest marriages. I pray and wish for you to have such a marriage. A married life in which – to give you an example – husband and wife are competing who should have the first reconciling word and not the last stabbing reposte.”

[from Hungarian, after Rev. Endre Gyökössy] 

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