Church Finances in time of Lockdown

We have been looking at our church finances to assess what impact our buildings being closed will make. Clearly, there are some areas where our income has been seriously affected – for example, our weekly offering on a Sunday morning is no longer being collected, our halls are no longer being let and we are no longer able to collect your envelope donations. This makes a difference to our funding of over £3,000 per month! On our costs side, there is very little we can do to reduce what we pay – we still pay the Central Church the same amount (Ministry and Mission contribution), we are still paying our staff and our building still needs to be paid for. We are thankful that we have money in the bank, but clearly, this year is going to be very challenging! If you are able and have not already done so, this would be the ideal time to set up online banking payments to the church. It is very easy to do if you have online banking, but also simple to do through your local bank. Our bank account details are:

Account name: St Stephen’s Comely Bank Church; Sortcode: 80-11-05; Account number: 00294121

If you need any support with this, please either call Sarah on 07793 559 034 or Alison on 07765 213 015, and they can talk you through the process.

Final accounts to 31 December 2019

Our AGM is usually held during March and this gives us an opportunity to share with you our plans for the year ahead and how the past year has gone – and, particularly, to share with you our annual accounts.  In the absence of that meeting this year, I have provided a summary of our results below.  A copy of the full accounts are available at the bottom of the page.


We received £232k of income this year, up from £183k last year.  Of course, this big jump is due to the fundraising we have done for our Vision 2020 Fund – £62k of our income related to funding received towards this – so our general income was actually down by £13k, attributable to a small fall in general offerings.


We made payments this year of £172k, a small reduction from £176k last year.  Our costs are actually surprisingly constant and are made up broadly by a third to the Central Church through our Ministries and Mission contributions, a third to our staff, and a third for everything else (principally, the upkeep of the building).

Surplus for the year

This left us with a surplus for the year of £62,761 – which is, of course, almost identical to the amount we raised for the Vision 2020 Fund.

Vision 2020 Fund

Our 2020 building fund is currently sitting at £133,420, which includes 2 grants we have received this year, gift aid we are due to reclaim and pledges yet to be received.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their generosity to our church finances – once again, we have balanced the books!  And it would be remiss not to say a huge thank you to our treasurer, Sarah Robertson, who does all the ‘heavy lifting’ on the accounting for the church.

Yours in Christ, Alison Franks (Finance Convener)