Finances Update 6 June 2021

We’re already 5 months into 2021, so it’s definitely time for another update on the finances.  It’s fair to say that funding is tight and there are a lot of demands being placed on the funds we hold.  Here are some highlights (starting with the good news!):

  • Phase 1 of our Vision 2020 building project starts 7 June and is fully funded, with the funds we have raised being held in a restricted fund.
  • We have had a generous one-off donation to add to the sums our regular donors pay into our Youthwork fund, so we already have sufficient ringfenced funds to pay our new Youth Pastor for 7 months from when he starts in September which takes us well into 2022.
  • We have received a grant of £2,000 from Edinburgh Presbytery towards the manse kitchen upgrade.
  • However, we are left with a further £10,000 to find for the manse kitchen plus £4,000 of church roof maintenance work which we have had to draw down from general reserves. This spending takes us below our reserves policy limit.

If you are able to help with some one-off funding to meet these costs, we would be very thankful. And please be assured that we are managing costs as tightly as we are able to ensure that we wisely steward the funds you all so kindly contribute to our church. And can I add my personal thanks to Sarah Robertson, our Treasurer, who does all the heavy lifting on the church finances – she is a wonder!
Alison Franks (Finance Convener)