Finances Update February 2021

As you can imagine, lockdown is taking its toll on our church finances.

Looking at income first, we are clearly missing our hall rental income and our open plate income as lockdown continues.  As those close observers of our accounts in the past will know, that income alone amounted to around £27,000 each year, so our reserves are suffering as a result of not having this.  Each month as lockdown continues, our ‘normal’ expenditure is exceeding our ‘normal’ income by around £1,000.  We were fortunate to have some cushion in place when this started, but the cushion is getting thin.

On top of the ‘normal’ position, we also face other one-off expenses, many of which come about as a result of having buildings to look after – both our church/halls and our manse.  George and Emma have quietly put up with the kitchen in the manse since they moved in, but it is very old (we can’t even remember when it was last done) and on its last legs.  As a matter of urgency, we need to replace that for them (approx £10k).  Then there are some general repairs needed to the church roof and some other sundry costs which arise just by virtue of the being the stewards of a large and ageing building.  Further, we hope to recruit a new youth worker in the near future as Philip is due to leave us at the end of this month.  Philip is currently only working 2 days per week – a new appointee will be working 5 days per week – so we need to be able to cover these higher salary costs too (approx. £1,000 per month).

Please be assured of how thankful we are for the funds that you faithfully provide us with.  And be assured that we are looking to secure external funds from the central church or from grant funders.  For the next few months, we will pause on making any further appeals for the Vision 2020 building fund – we have sufficient to do the first phase already.  Our focus for now is to ensure that we are able to meet the costs of our ministry in Comely Bank until we are confident we are back on track as we properly steward the work we are called to do.  So, if you are able to help us now, either with a one-off donation or by increasing your monthly donation, we would be extremely thankful.  An additional £2,000 per month till our halls reopen would enable us to bridge the gap in the meantime.  If you have any questions on the church finances, then please do either email me on or call me on 07765 213 015.

[from Alison Franks, finance Convener]