Church Finances Half Year Update

We are halfway through the year now, so this is a good time to look at our finances and to assess how lockdown is affecting them.

It’s easiest to consider our funds in 2 halves:

  1. The Vision 2020 building fund
    Our total currently sits at £153,000, with a further £6,800 due to be reclaimed in gift aid which means we are almost at £160,000.  This total now includes 4 grant funders who are donating £35,000 to the project.  Still a little way to go to get to our original target of £210,000, but a really encouraging figure for us today.  More will be done on this as we come out of lockdown, but please continue to pray with regard to the funding applications we are yet to hear back from.
  2. The rest!
    Looking at our running costs versus the income we have taken in this year, we currently have a deficit of around £7,000.  You might imagine that most of this is to do with income we are not receiving from halls lettings and the collection plate on Sundays, but actually a fair proportion of this is also to do with spending more on maintaining our church building at the start of this year.

Regardless of the cause, this is clearly something we need to look at as it may be sometime before we are able to let our halls again or expect to be back to a normal collection plate on a Sunday.  We also have the added issue that the 3 year funding we have been receiving from the Go For It fund of the Church of Scotland has now finished, so we are not due any further instalments of that this year – we have been receiving £7,500 every 6 months from them up until now supporting our CAP Centre.

When I combine all the different aspects of our budget, my estimate is that we may be down by as much as £17,000 for the year.

We are very blessed at SSCB with money in the bank and we can weather this immediate storm.  However, we clearly can’t continue on this trajectory for very long.  If you have envelopes at home or have been waiting until the church reopens to ‘catch-up’ with your giving, then please do get in touch if you want one of us to help – we can pick up donations from pretty much anywhere.  And if you do feel able to help with the current financial situation, then clearly that too would be very much appreciated.  If you have any questions on the financial position or would like more detail, please do just get in touch.

Our bank account details are: Account name St Stephen’s Comely Bank Church; Sortcode 80-11-05; Account number 00294121.

Alison (07765 213 015) and Sarah (07793 559 034); contact email:

[from Alison Franks, Finance Convener]