Important Information in view of Coronavirus

As the lockdown rules have eased in Scotland and we find ourselves in Level 3, baptisms are able to take place within an act of worship; however, physical distancing, good hygiene practices and the management of the number of those who are able to attend do remain in place.

There is no more a given limit on the number attending worship. This is now replaced with by a capacity limit for the building based on physical distancing rules. In the case of our church building this still means about 50 people.

When coming to worship, please wear your face covering while you are in the building. At the entrance your name and phone number will be recorded for track and tracing purposes. There is a one way system in the church, please follow the signs. There are designated seats for single visitors and family groups at 2 metres distances between designated seats. You will be shown to an available seat. Children can sit in their family units. Singing is still not permitted during worship. We use recored worship music and praise instead

Congratulations! Whether you are thinking about dedicating the life of your child into the family of Christ, or yourself as an adult, this is a big and bold decision and we support you in it all the way.

Baptism is a life changing commitment to follow Christ, and one that all Christians should give very serious and responsible consideration to.

Child baptism, or Christening as some call it, is when parents make a commitment before God and invited friends and families, that they will raise their child to know and love our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a beautiful service and act of faith. People sometimes differ on the matter of if the decision should be taken on behalf of a child, but your SSCB family would encourage you to remember that Christ gave His life for us all before we knew him, just as a baby knows nothing of Him or the commitments you make on their behalf. As the parent of a baptised child you are making the commitment to raise the child to know Jesus as their Saviour. During the service God parents, if you choose to have some, make a similar commitment, pledging to support you and your baby in your Baptismal vows.

Perhaps you find making such a commitment too daunting; or you feel that your child should make a profession of faith and get baptised when they reach that point in their life. However you wish to mark in a special way and celebrate the birth of your child, and give thanks to God for their life. In this case we suggest that you should consider a Thanksgiving and Blessing service instead of Baptism. In this service we will give thanks together with you for your child, and ask for God’s blessing upon them and you, their family.

These services normally take place during a Sunday morning service at St. Stephen’s Comely Bank. Our minister will be very happy to discuss these options with you and guide you to find the most suitable service for you and your child.

If you have any questions or enquiries about Child Baptism, or Adult (Believer) Baptism or Thanksgiving & Blessing Service, please get in touch with us through the Contact Page of this website.