Inspire is our group for young people (P7 – S3) and is all about discovering who Jesus is.

We encourage each other, grow in our faith and knowledge of God and learn how to put His wisdom into practice. Meeting in a safe place, we have great fun, share great food, find out how great prayer is and learn how we fit into the great story of God and his people.

Inspire meets on Sunday mornings from 11.30 – 12.30. During the present COVID-19 Lockdown Inspire meets online on Zoom. For more detail please contact our Youth Worker, Phil:

Inspire in Lockdown

Usually in inspire we start off by just talking a wee bit about our weeks, hoping to just hear what everyone has to say and what they have to think. Admittedly I wake up only a few minutes before we usually start so I may not have the beginning so clear. After everyone has connected, we then go into reading the passages of the bible that we are looking at that day which two people will have had split between them to study on their own throughout the previous week and make two points and a question on. Currently we are reading through Acts so most of the stories we read will include some of the amazing miracles that God has performed through them. One I can definitely remember is where all the disciples start preaching to all the people in that area and some of them somehow start speaking other languages so that all can hear what they had to say. Usually after each person’s two points and question we, and by we I really just mean Phil, will comment on it and think about an answer to the question and generally just talk about the points. Afterwards, at the end, we play small games like which’s name I can’t quite remember but the way it is played is Phil will tell us an item to find and the first person to grab one and come back is the winner of the round. Although, the most popular game is definitely Mafia, though it has been made more stylized towards the bible. Around that time most of us have lunch to go to and so inspire ends for the week.

[from Ewan Pitt]