Congratulations! You’re in love, you’ve decided to spend the rest of your lives together and got engaged, now you are seeking your perfect venue to get married.

A wedding service at St. Stephen’s Comely Bank is a beautiful and blessed service, with promises taken between husband and wife before the eyes of God. A wedding service is both a legal event whereby a marriage occurs, and a Holy service, whereby God unifies a couple together in Holy matrimony, which we conduct based on the Christian principles of marriage according to the Bible.

Wedding preparation classes are provided to help you prepare for your married lives together. These are informal and designed to help you to get to know each other and understand the serious commitment of marriage.

SSCB is a beautiful church in the heart of Comely Bank. Our minister speaks lovingly and encouragingly at wedding services. We would however encourage those only seeking a good location and orator, but not seeking a religious service or a commitment before God, to consider one of Edinburgh’s many beautiful licenced venues.

There is a set order of service for a wedding, we can help you to choose appropriate hymns and readings if requested. There is a fee to cover the costs of the church, church officer and organist.

To find our more, please contact George Vidits, our minister: