The ‘Session’ are a group of members of St. Stephen’s Comely Bank who are trustees of the charity. They are responsible for the practical and spiritual leadership of our church community. These people hold the title ‘Elder’. An Elder is a specific role within the Church of Scotland, elected by the congregation, they have taken a promise to uphold the unity, peace, doctrine, worship, government and discipline of the church.

If you come to St. Stephen’s Comely Bank during a communion service, it is the Elders along with the minister that serve the bread and wine.

Free St Stephen’s Kirk Session 1862-1864

Our current session comprises of;
– John Baggaley, Session Clark
– Alison Franks, Finance Convenor
– Donald Bruce, Presbytery Elder and Homegroup Coordinator
– Steve Sladdin
– Joan Brown, Safeguarding Coordinator (& pastoral care)
– John Ballantine
– Timothy Pitt