St. Stephen’s Comely Bank has a staff team comprising of our minister, our youth worker, and our staff who care for our premises and the surrounding garden.



Our minister is George Vidits. George has been in full time ministry for over 24 years, with the Church of Scotland and previously with the Reformed Church in Romania. George has been at St. Stephen’s Comely Bank since 2015.
George grew up in Transylvania, Romania during the communist era. George and his family are ethnic Hungarian and his wife, Emma, is Scottish. George believes and preaches that Jesus is the Son of God, that he was born, lived, died and rose again from the dead. Jesus did this so that our sins, however big, may be forgiven. The Holy Spirit remains with us here on earth, so that we may read the bible, pray and know God for ourselves. George encourages members to know and love Jesus as our risen Saviour.

Youth Worker


Philip Anderson is our enthusiastic committed Youth Worker. Philip began serving the Lord in this capacity in the summer of 2019. Philip’s background is farming, in particular sheep farming in the Borders. He is married to Mary, delights in the Lord and enjoys ministering to our young people at church, at Broughton High School and in our Youth Club, Rock Solid.

Update from Philip – 4th December 2020

Heading to the Borderlands…

Here is an article with a difference! An update on some recent developments in my personal life. 

After looking for new opportunities to develop her career in supporting young people, my radiant other half – Mary – was offered two part-time roles in Selkirk, Scottish Borders! After prayer and consideration, we have decided to accept these positions. Although we are excited about these new opportunities and God’s provision, it would currently require Mary to commute five/six days a week. As such, we have decided to move to the Scottish Borders just before Christmas to be closer to work and family. As I will be living in the Borders, I will be decreasing my working hours from 4 days to 2 days per week in the new year. Looking to the future, I am planning to be involved with youth work in The Borders. The timescale of this transition is totally ‘up in the air’ at the moment. However, it’s with sadness that I announce that I plan to step down from the youth work role here at St Stephen’s in March. It’s been an amazing privilege to serve and learn through the youth worker role. You as the church have been a massive part of God’s blessings to us. Please pray for us as I begin discussions about the future of the youth ministry with the Kirk Session.