St. Stephen’s Comely Bank has a staff team comprising of our

  • Minister,
  • Youth Worker,
  • Operations Coordinator
  • Cleaner



Our minister is George Vidits. George has been in full time ministry for over 24 years, with the Church of Scotland and previously with the Reformed Church in Romania. George has been at St. Stephen’s Comely Bank since 2015.
George grew up in Transylvania, Romania during the communist era. George and his family are ethnic Hungarian and his wife, Emma, is Scottish. George believes and preaches that Jesus is the Son of God, that he was born, lived, died and rose again from the dead. Jesus did this so that our sins, however big, may be forgiven. The Holy Spirit remains with us here on earth, so that we may read the bible, pray and know God for ourselves. George encourages members to know and love Jesus as our risen Saviour.

You can contact him at

Youth Worker

presently vacant

Operations Coordinator

Our Operations Coordinator is Alison, and she is very nice and helpful.

You can contact her at


Our cleaner is Moira. She has been part of our church family for many years. She loves the Lord and loves our church, both the people and the building.