Well to be completely honest, I’m writing this on Monday and the lunch I refer to was yesterday’s Church Family Lunch after the service; the first one in two years.

I left the hall, with very satisfied taste buds. The soups were so inviting I had to try a portion of both, so I could tell each cook how good it was. The home baking by Ann and other thoughtful individuals was simply delicious. The tables were set up and just right for their purpose. Joseph’s fancy napkin folds gave an air of festivity … not my own standard of kitchen towel (which is not exactly eco-friendly either).

All the above was just fab, but to be quite honest this is not what is prompting me to write. It is the people, the laughter, the interesting chats and the news from those I managed to spoke with that made my day yesterday. Some had been busy from early on, never taking a seat but smiling to the very end despite being tired. Thank you, Martin, thank you Ann, thank you Sheila, thank you May and thank you Joseph. 

And still, that is not why I am writing, believe it or not!  My thought after lunch as we drove to meet up with an 86-year-old friend in Morningside, our old head of department, just to touch base and give him a break from his rather solitary life, was: how good it is to connect, to keep in touch, to share and to experience things together: a meal, touching base, a walk, a day out or just a coffee. How good it is to talk, to spend a little time together and exchange thoughts! And this is precisely what Home Groups involve. We meet to study God’s Word for us, to pray together and to share, encourage, laugh and simply be together as God’s children. There is no need to be a Bible scholar, or to know in advance the answer to the questions that might be discussed. What is needed is a simple desire to be with others, willing to open God’s Word for us, the Bible, and to be ready to say in honesty: I don’t get that. I struggle with this. Oh, that’s new – I never knew that! Oh, in a practical way, what does this mean? Am I willing to give this a go despite having shied away from it for the last 50 years? Oh, is that it? I never thought it was that simple!  Oh, it is tough, but I feel better because I see I was not alone in thinking this way.

I hope this ‘after lunch thought’ encourages you to ask yourself: “Would I want to open my home to a few of my church friends and spend an hour or two having a coffee, a catch up and reading the Bible together? Then we could chat about it, share our thoughts and ask for clarification.” This is what it is all about: having a good time together, with a special focus on God to whom we owe absolutely everything.

If you think your home is not tidy enough then no worries: mine seldom is! I have a clear table and chairs but maybe one of the church halls could be your venue if that’s more suitable for your circumstances. Go for it: connect and have fun!

If you want to join one of the existing Home Groups (Tuesday, Wednesday nights, Friday morning – Ladies Home Group) or want to start a new one, please speak to or contact Veronique, she would love to hear from you – vchittleburgh@gmail.com.

“He began to speak boldly in the synagogue. When Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they invited him to their home and explained to him the way of God more adequately.” (Acts 18:26)

[from Veronique Chittleburgh]

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