Introducing Our Eco Group ‘All Things Eco’

Individuals at SSCB who are interested in climate justice and climate change have been meeting since May to look at ways to make our congregation more eco-friendly. After spending some time discussing and praying over our options, we are now ready to start moving forward with some actions. Nothing too drastic but you may see some changes over the next few months at SSCB!
We will soon be registering our intent with Eco Congregation Scotland and hope to hold specific environmental services in October led by Cat and Donald. When Kenny McCartney (our new Youth Pastor) joins in September, we will ask him to encourage our youth to get involved and plan to participate in the COP26 church service organised by Tearfund on 7 November.

As a group, we are looking to reduce waste and energy usage at church and be more conscious of our carbon footprint as a congregation. It is so inspiring to see so many congregational members bringing their reusable cups on Sunday – not only does this save us money but it reduces the amount we send as a church to landfill. We hope to continue to encourage small changes like this as we move forward.

We aim to keep the church family updated by way of a regular update in E-pistle but if you’d like to find out more or have any thoughts, Emma D would love to chat to you at any time. Feel free contacting Emma via the office email:

The Eco Group is called ‘All Things Eco’ – inspired by and hinting at the hymn ‘All things bright and beautiful’. It is our aim to care for God’s creation, to nurture it to be indeed bright and beautiful as the Creator intended it. Our sin and selfishness have ruined much of creation and its beauty that cannot be renewed anymore. But we can still care for what we have and revive all that is damaged. We need to come back to God with repentance for the neglect and selfishness that caused so much damage to His creation and ask for His forgiveness and grace to enable us to be the carers for His creation He called us to be.

[from Emma D, Elspeth Pitt & GV]

All things Eco – Eco Group Update – 24 September 2021

What have All things Eco been up to this month?
Our environmental group, All things Eco have had a busy month.

Eco Services

Coming up on 3 and 10 October, we have two environmental themed services led by Donald Bruce (3 October) and Cat Rawlinson Watkins (All Age Service – 10 October). As part of these services, Donald and Cat will explore in depth what it means, as Christians, to care for God’s creation.
On 3 and 10 October we would also encourage those who are able to walk, cycle or take public transport to church rather than driving. If you’d like a buddy to walk or cycle with you, please contact the church office to arrange.

Litter Pick

We are also organising a litter pick in the church garden and Inverleith Park on 10 October- please come along and invite your friends! There will be an opportunity for refreshments afterwards. More details to follow shortly.

Energy Use

We are in touch with the Church of Scotland recommended energy advisor who will carry out an audit of SSCB and advise on potential energy saving once the building works have been completed.

Church Garden

All things Eco would love to hear from members of the congregation who have any ideas about use of the church garden. One proposal we discussed was to set up an eco/community garden and restful space with signage inviting the local community to sit and reflect.

Eco Congregation

We have registered our intent with Eco Congregation Scotland.

COP26 Service

SSCB will be participating in the COP26 service hosted by Tearfund on Sunday 7 November. Please come along and invite your friends! If you’d like to find out more about Tearfund’s Reboot campaign on the climate crisis and how you can get involved, their website has great information: Tearfund Reboot
Our next meeting is 27 September at 19:30 on zoom and all are welcome.

For details, please feel free to contact

[Emma D on behalf of All things Eco]