Visitors to SSCB

Helping Hands Forum visited our church with their special Christmas gift

On St Andrew’s Day, Friday, 30 November the Helping Hands Forum of Flora Stevenson Primary School visited us and brought their own gift for us. The Forum decided to make their own gifts for some of the local institutions, thus adding to the festive cheer. The boys and girls made a lovely advent wreath for us, the leaves consisting of cut-outs of their own handprints. Their very kind gift is a most welcome addition to our Christmas decorations. It has pride place on the small lectern.

It was a very thoughtful of Helping Hands Forum to present us with their gift. We are very grateful to them for their kindness to us.

A Wee Act of Kindness

A wee act of kindness can go a very long way.

At our Saturday Morning Welcome Café I noticed a young boy of about four years’ old bringing some food items with his parents to the foodbank collection box. Well, this did not happen just once, but every Saturday morning when he comes for his dance lesson in the halls.

I spoke to his parents and they told me that Jamie (let’s call him this way) noticed the collection box in the church when they came for refreshments at the café and asked his parents about it. when he learnt what it is about they had to go to the shops and by items for the food bank.

Now this became his Saturday morning routine. Jamie goes for swimming early in the morning, then he takes his parents to one of the supermarkets and they get food for the foodbank. Jamie became a regular giver.

How wonderful is that! A four year old boy already being generous in giving in support of others. How far can he go?

Jamie is an example and encouragement to us, for Jesus said: ‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven’ (Matthew 18:3).

Have you got a wee act of kindness too? Tell us about it.

We will Remember Them

Remembrance Garden SSCB

There are 84 names to be found on our memorials. Seven of them were associated with the local churches of St Stephen’s Comely Bank and St Luke’s, and were also members of the Boys Brigade Company 1. Therefore their names are remembered on both the church rolls and the Boys Brigade roll. These 77 young men, casualties of brutal battles of the Great War (1914-1918) and of WW2 (1939-1945) lost their lives. We have created a Remembrance Garden in the church grounds as a sign of remembering them and reminding each other of the sacrifice paid by our community and fellowship. Their blood was like a seed of which our peace and freedom could grow up. We must remember, not just their names, and the facts (that there were 77 of them), but remember to live our lives in the light of that sacrifice as individuals, in our families and in our community.

As Christians we daily remember, at least we should remember daily (!), the sacrifice God brought for our freedom and redemption through Jesus Christ – and live our lives in the light of His sacrifice on the cross: “God demonstrated his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8).

We have been redeemed, live the life we received as an undeserved gift in the light of the precious price that was paid for it. Seeking God’s peace, grace and forgiveness.

We will remember them:

Gordon MacLaren Aitchison

Scott McDiamid Aitchison

George Grandison Cowie

Robert Chapman Davie

William Fairbairn

Samuel White Fleming

James Forster

Alexander Charles Fraser

William Fraser

Robert Gibson

Robert Heddle

Thomas John Henderson

John Albert Kidd

George Cameron McEwan

Hunter Smith McGregor

Alexander McIntosh

Alexander McMurrich

Horatius Bonar Macnicol

Edward Mather

David Miller

James St Clair Murray

David Robertson

Charles Henry Stewart Sim

Archibald Walter Thomson

Robert Edward White

William Kenneth White

John Calderwood

Walter Cowan

Robert Anderson Cowe

James Alexander Cruickshank

William Wilson Davidson

James Douglas

David Hume

George Husband Millar

John Drysdale Miller

Thomas Duncan Miller

James Douglas Monro

Harry McLachlan Muir

George Neill

Alexander Peddieson

William Philip

John Ritchie

Alexander Wood

Alexander Hutton Adamson

Charles Morrison Black

Andrew Brown

Wilfred Andrew Dickson

Charles Clark Gall

Richard Gardiner

Charles Robertson Grant

James Hendrie Hamilton

David Hutchison

Robert Lawson

Edwin Nisbet

John Reid

Christopher H Rennie

William Short

John Cleugh Sinclair

James Sugden

Adam Walker

Angus Campbell Allan

Thomas Allan

Joseph Fraser

George Douglas Graham

Charles William Gilbert Gray

John Albion Harris

David Alexander Heggie

James Mather

Allan Meek

Noel Lindsay Morrison

Alfred Ovens

John Leete Paterson

Douglas Thomas Ritchie

James Heggie Cumming Speirs

Frederic Robert Maxwell Squair

Alexander Squire

William T Welsh

Remember the Sacrifice

Remember the Sacrifice

“I remember the my affliction and my wandering, the bitterness and the gall. I well remember them, and my soul is downcast within me. Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3:19-23)

Remembrance Day happens every year. And we remember. We wear a poppy. But what do you remember?

What does the poppy remind you? I believe remembering is more than trying to set aside a time, a day, a couple of minutes to remind ourselves of the facts and figures of wars and awful acts of brutality of the past we might not have experienced personally. Remembering well on Remembrance Day means  more than that. It means how you live in the light of all those historical events. How it affected you as an individual, your family life, your community. Remember with the aim to live better in the future!

In the Old Testament God repeatedly calls His people to remember. When God calls us to remember He calls us to do that with the purpose of helping us for the future.

First, God calls us to remember who we are. Remember our identity. We are God’s people, we belong to Him. Our life , actions and words are to reflect God, His glory, holiness, His righteousness.

Second, God calls us to remember where we come from, our roots. Who we were in the past. For God’s people in the Old Testament that meant they were slaves in Egypt. A ‘non-people’.

Third, God calls us to remember the journey. Remember the journey we made from who we were to who we are. Remembering that He came to redeem us, rescue us, save us.

Fourth, God calls us to remember who He is. He is our Redeemer God. He saved us, and carried us.

All this remembering point to the future to His promise that he will be our God who is with us for ever. He will wipe off every tear from our eyes, there will be no more death, or mourning, or crying, or pain, for the old order of things has passed away. They are all gathered up in Christ who came to save us. Remember your salvation for a life to live forever, and live every day in the power of it.

God bless your remembrance. Lest we forget!

Our special Remembrance Sunday service will begin at 10:50am on Sunday 11 November. All are Welcome!

CAP – Half Marathon Fundraiser Success

CAP Service Managers ready to go

Well, the three CAP Managers have successfully completed the Half Marathon last Sunday. Well done Claire, Chris, and Mark.  So far (about 7:50pm on Tuesday, 29 May 2018) together they raised £1,065.00! That is 213% of the initial sum!

A big THANK YOU to all that supported them.

But here is Claire’s personal thank you:

Thanks to all for prayers and encouragements! 1/2 marathon completed, body recovering and we got the word out about CAP. I think the next challenge I do will involve less than 35,000 other people. Great atmosphere, logistically challenging! For any who wanted to sponsor, you’re not too late 🙂 Please keep spreading the word about how CAP can help people, let’s get hope out there. Thanks everyone Claire x

If you wish to support Claire, you can do it by clicking here to Just Giving.

If you wish to support their joint fundraising effort, you can do it here.

CAP Fundraising Half Marathon

CAP Service Managers ready to go

Three CAP Managers of Edinburgh (Claire, Chris, and Mark) teamed up to run a half marathon on 27th May at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. Their aim is to raise funds for Christians Against Poverty (CAP). A ‘prophetic word’ for them  run well, forget what is behind and strain towards what is ahead, press on towards the goal to win the prize! The prize is  to release people from poverty & debt to bring good news, hope and freedom to them. You can help them to get that prize, by supporting them. With their efforts they hope to raise at least £500 for CAP. Please be generous so they can smash that target.

They have a fund-raising page at JustGiving where you can support them:

Run well guys!


Plant Whisperer

Plant Whisperer Experiment (image form
Plant Whisperer Experiment (image from

Do you enjoy plants and flowers? If you do, do you speak or sing to them, or play music to them? Perhaps you heard that some claim that singing to plants or playing music to them will enhance their fruitfulness. I heard this a while ago mainly in connection to tomatoes.

Recently a well known Scandinavian furniture company conducted an experiment with plants. They took two identical plants off their shelves and placed them in a high school setting. Both plants received the same treatment for 30 days: same amount of sunlight, water, and nutrients. What was different that they played recorded sentences to them. To one they played compliments, and positive statements: ‘You are beautiful.’ ‘You have lovely fragrance.’ and the like. To the other they played negative statements: ‘You are ugly.’ ‘You are useless’.

Throughout the 30 days pupils could observe the plants if they would be affected by the recordings.

Well, by the end of the experiment one plant withered and the other one flourished. You probably guessed that the plant that ‘heard’ only negative statements and abuse died eventually. The one that was complimented and encouraged flourished.

It was an experiment to reveal pupils the positive and negative effects of our words. Basically it was an anti-bullying experiment.

I found this absolutely fascinating. That’s the reason I am writing about it. Do we realise as Christians how detrimental or beneficial our words (and not only acts!) can be? They affect not only our fellow human beings, but the whole of Creation!

In Genesis 3:17 we find that the ground is cursed because of Adam’s disobedience (sin) to God! A bad act caused harm to the whole of creation. In his letter to the Romans Paul writes: “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.” According to Paul the whole of Creation is desperate to ‘hear’ the Good News of the children of God. Creation around us is in a desperate expectation for us to proclaim and live out the good things and blessings of God’s saving love! The above experiment seems to confirm this! Our behaviour, actions, words make a difference on a larger scale than one ever expected.

Speak good words, Good News, words of hope, and salvation, encouragement, life, and light to one another, to your neighbour, and even to your plants. It will make a difference!

New Printer Arrives

Old printer waiting to be delivered away

We are updating our printer at SSCB. A modern and more functional printer/copier is arriving to the office today. This will provide a better facility for all our printing and copying needs. It will be able to collate, bind publications, and it has many more features, adjusting the texts and images, their colour or size, but essentially they will be the same that were input in the machine.

In our life we also do this kind of printing and/or copying. Images, ideas are put into our hearts, and minds, and we might edit them, resize them, colour them in our own particular way but the essence of the original image will be still the same. It all depends what do we feed into our lives! Is it Christlikeness, godliness, or wordiness? The apostle Paul wrote: “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.” (Philippians 4:8-9).

New printer or old, it will print out the image we feed into it. We will “print out” in our lives, actions, and words what we fed into our hearts. Let them be true, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable.

Holiday Club Day 4

If David thought his life will be easy after he was crowned king, he was badly mistaken. We learnt that today at Holiday Club. David was a godly man, still he made mistakes. He wasn’t perfect. It was a good lesson to learn.

Everyone enjoyed the story, the songs, and all the activities, the parachute games were a great success as ever.

It was dress up day, and the children came in the costumes of their favourite characters from Star Wars and other films and stories. Even the leaders dressed up, well they swapped their outfits. Still it was quite confusing to know who was who, and who wasn’t who he wasn’t or was. If you get what I mean. It was a colourful display.

At crafts they made posters and decorated masks. It looked that the fun will continue at home as all the children left.

It was good fun all way round.

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Holiday Club Day 3

Here we are, Day Three at the Laundrette is gone already. What a week it has been so far! So much fun, singing, games, exciting stories about David, plenty of nice cakes, and drama full of suspense! The children are just as excited on day three as they were on day one! Well this is Holiday Club after all.

After many years of waiting, finally David was crowned as king.Hhe had to wait patiently for God’s promise to be fulfilled. But God was faithful to him, David could trust in His Word! I suppose we all just need to believe and not be afraid, even if the waiting for God’s promises to be fulfilled is long.

Lee told us, how he found God faithful in the past, which gives him the encouragement to trust Him for his future. Thank you Lee.

Lee’s Testimony

Great washing machine designs have been created by the different groups, each unique and particular to the group. At crafts, colourful bracelets, and spectacular crowns were created. They were fab!

Christine and Melville continued to keep our spirits, coffee and sugar levels high with their lovely refreshments. Most grateful we are!

We also had a visit from the youngest attender of the Holiday Club yet, Robert, just ten weeks old, brought his mum, Cat, along to see and enjoy the fun. You can’t start Holiday Club too young! It was great to have them. In the great commotion at the Laundrette Robert almost lost one of his socks! Thankfully we found it! Child and half pair of socks were happily reunited. That was a close call!

Keep your socks clean! Tomorrow is dressing up day, and in the evening Family Social for the parents!

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