A brief reflection on Psalm 121

The new school year just begun for most of our children, their families, teachers, and school staff. I don’t know how you fell about it. Is it with excitement, trepidation, or maybe indifference?

As a child, I wasn’t keen on going back to school, I preferred the holidays. But as we were back in the classroom, I enjoyed seeing my friends and made peace with being back to school.

What will the new school year bring? Will it be “back to normal” I suppose is the question in our minds. Is it going to be classroom learning, online, or a hybrid of them, or maybe home schooling? Will it bring more stress and uncertainty to children, teachers, and families? How will it affect their wellbeing? Will we be able to cope with it all?

I don’t know the answers to those questions either. I can’t see into the future either. But I want to offer you this encouragement I read this morning in my quiet time. It was Psalm 121. It is one of my favourite psalms – it is short, concise, and powerful.

It is a song of ascents – a song sang by the pilgrims as they were going up (ascdending) to the temple in Jerusalem, often on treacherous paths. The psalmist couldn’t see what is awaiting him ahead, or in the future either, but he knew where his help will come from! His help comes from the LORD (notice the present tense – the ever-present God is always ready and willing)! He knew and trusted God’s faithfulness that He is watching over him day and night, indeed over his whole life.

As we don’t know what is ahead of us during the day, or the night, never mind a school year, put your trust in God who is faithful watching over you. He cares for you that you will complete the journey of life safely: “He will not let your foot slip.” This reminds me how comforting and secure it was to know my dad was holding my hand all the way when I went to school for the first time! I didn’t know the way to the school, or what it is going to be like, large or small, how many classrooms, who will be my teacher, or how many teachers and pupils will be there. So many uncertainties. But one thing was sure, my dad was there beside me, and I felt really safe and happy in my dad’s hand!

God demonstrated His love for us by giving His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, for our salvation. Entrust into His unfailing love yourself, your family and children, their teachers, and school staff that the Lord, for Jesus’ sake, will watch over you all, will keep you from all harm. He will hold you all the way, making sure you will complete this part of your lives’ journey we call school year 2021-2022 safely and well. May His life assuring blessing be upon you!

[from GV]

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