New Sermon Series starting on Sunday 8 January 2023

Have you ever wondered why do so many, actually most, New Year’s Resolutions fail? I believe they fail because they are primarily based on our own endeavours and strength. Most of us start out in the New Year with great plans to turn things around but not enough energy. Most people haven’t got enough strength to turn around in bed on the 1st of January!

We finish the year being pretty exhausted. From early November onwards we get busy preparing for Christmas. We want to do it right, giving our best shot. So, we are writing Christmas cards/emails, or yearly account, do our shopping, cleaning the house, the car, decorating our homes inside and outside, we travel visiting loved ones and friends, get into partying, and Christmas concerts, and on the way we pick up an illness, a virus or two. You get the picture. Then as Christmas is over, we get ready for the New Year celebrations. Getting home, clearing up after Christmas, and get into fresh visits and parties.

When the clock hits midnight turning into the 2nd of January, we feel absolutely exhausted and are supposed to begin a new year with fresh energy and enthusiasm. Most people are not in the mood to have a fresh start.

We need something that will boost our energy, clear our vision, and get us ready for the journey ahead.

Bread has been the basic most important diet for cultures, societies throughout millennia. A meal is not complete without it. That’s why one is/was called the Bread Earner of the Family if he/she is earning a wage to support their families.

Bread is crucial, central. Jesus himself calls himself the Bread of Life (John 8:35). Bread is central in salvation history in Scripture. We do wisely if we consider taking bread with our daily meals, both physically and spiritually. Hence, I invite you to consider fixing your daily diet this year before you embark on big changes in your life, so you will have the strength and energy to see those transformations through and you will be able to finish the journey! The angel said to Elijah when he ran out of steam: “Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you.” (1 Kings 19:7)

We often feel the journey is too much for us, we feel so not just at the end or the beginning of a year, but often at any particular time of the year! We need the BREAD God is offering us in Jesus Christ. Find out the richest food God is offering you.

So, join our services in person or via the internet and take and eat all that God is offering you. Come, and taste and see that the LORD is good! Bread, and food tastes so much batter in company, doesn’t it? Take your fill!

[from GV]