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CAP Update and News (21 May 2020)

We have our fourth client debt free this year so far, and we hope that we will see another client go debt free very soon!

Sadly, we have had one client diagnosed recently with terminal cancer but we have been able to bless him with a gift of a luxury hamper, for which he was so grateful. He is very upbeat as he knows he is in the Lord’s hands, but please pray for his partner as she is not coping at all well with the news and talking of suicide. Clearly a very difficult situation!

As a CAP centre we have dealt with 162 Clients so far – currently we are dealing with 26 in the various stages.

46 Clients have become debt free or are able to manage their Finances. About 33% of all cases are now closed. 92 cases did not follow through with us for various reasons (change in circumstances, stopped paying into CAP plan or lost contact with Head Office).

since 11th May the CAP phone lines are open and we have had one new client. Across the UK referral rates are at 40% capacity at the moment, this probably because a vast number of the agencies that usually refer clients to CAP are actually in lockdown themselves. Please pray that those potential clients who are in need of our help can get to hear about what we do.

Your thoughts of how we might promote that locally is most welcome.

[from Martin Bethell, CAP manager, Edinburgh North CAP Centre]