Easter Morning we gathered in Inverleith Park to worship the Risen Lord in the morning sunshine. It was a bright, sunny morning! Young and not so young with great smiles, and happy faces greeted each other: Christ is Risen! and promptly came the response; He is Risen Indeed!

We worshipped, sang, and prayed, and laughed together. It was a joyful start to celebrate the resurrection! All have brought their Easter eggs, each uniquely decorated, some with crosses, and empty tomb; others with chicks, donkeys, flowers and leaves, or bunnies. Somebody even brought duck eggs for good measure! (Very competitive!) Everything was ready for a good egg rolling session: we have got a sunny morning, a risen Lord, a very good slope running down to the pond, we have got our eggs. So we all enjoyed rolling the eggs.

Leaving the park we returned to the church for a great breakfast together. We continued worshipping in the church where many more people and a good number of visitors joined us. We finished that service by sharing in the Lord’s Supper. The youngsters created their versions of the Easter garden during worship.

The Lord is risen, and we have tasted and seen that He is good. Let us continue walking in the power and the hope of His resurrection.