SSCB is offering a Money Management and Debt Advice Service and have affiliated with Community Money Advice [CMA] who are a UK-wide Christian Charity who will support us in providing this service.

Community Money Advice (CMA) is a national charity committed to supporting churches and community groups who have a passion to help people overcome their money problems. CMA provides all the resources, training and support needed to establish and maintain local, free, face to face money advice services.

Money Management is is where we can work with individuals and groups to help them manage their finances and create a sustainable budget to prevent them getting into debt.

Debt Advice is where we work with people to find the best solution available to give them Freedom from Debt and a Hope for the Future

It’s really tough for people right now as the cost of living is soaring and here’s some information that might shock you:

  • 1 in 10 Households have debts that they can no longer afford to pay;
  • 1 in 3 people are struggling with bills;
  • every day 23 people in Scotland are made bankrupt;
  • every day 74 people’s homes in the UK are re-possessed by landlords;
  • the average debt [including mortgages] per adult in the UK stands at £33,328 which is 108.7% of the average earnings.

Our service is face-to-face, free, confidential, non-judgmental and tailored to the individual’s personal needs. Please get in touch so that we can help you.


07990 892873

Martin Bethell
Freedom Money Management & Debt Advice Service