Lent has just begun. Traditionally this is a spiritual journey to Easter, filled with penitence, sacrifice (giving up something for Lent), Bible study and prayer. But all sacrifice and penitence and Bible study and prayer are in vain if your Lent is not filled with the Lord Jesus Christ!

Following Jesus is never easy! The Lord Himself told us that whoever wants to go after Him, must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow Him (Luke 9:23-26). This means that our Christian life in this world is a constant journey to the place of crucifixion! It is a journey to ‘Jerusalem’! A pilgrim’s progress.

This Lent on Sundays we are going to accompany our Saviour on His journey to Jerusalem. My hope and prayer is that the services will inspire and motivate you to examine your walk with Jesus and you will ask for His cleansing and empowering Spirit to strengthen you in denying yourself and picking up your cross daily as you follow Him – a Lent and a journey well spent!

The sermons are:

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