Praise God – it is delightful to have re-opened the church for worship. We believe everyone attending in person has been blessed. For many, not being able to attend church over the past few months has been a serious deprivation, and we give thanks for technology as services continue to be streamed by Zoom. We are grateful to God that we could re-open wide the church doors to welcome all. Gradually the restrictions are easing and we pray for safety and fellowship for everyone, whether attending in person or remotely. We continue to adapt our approach to the church set-up,  so that can all thrive alongside each other.

The return to church can mean renewed joy, anxious moments and also awareness of those for whom the time is not yet ready to return. Everyone is precious and every viewpoint is important as we look forward to welcoming more and more soon!

We are able to welcome up to 50 people together for worship. Soon this restriction will be lifted, but other safety measures (such as 2 metres physical distancing, hand sanitising, wearing face coverings and not singing in church) will remain for some time. We must follow these rules for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. 

Reducing unnecessary congestion in church we have a one-way system which does make it a bit longer to get around but it is a necessary requirement imposed on us, keeping each other safe. Please follow the signage!

Sunday Club and Inspire have been able to restart and it is great to have Children and Youth in church again. The Youth divide their time meeting in the halls, helping the wee ones and helping (running!) the Audio Visual. Sunday Club children meet in the halls for all their activities. Families with pre-school children are welcome in the church, and the whole Church Family can help because physical distancing and one-way system restrictions can be a struggle for younger children. To support this, we are making the Prayer Room available for them as a more spacious “base.”

Most Sundays we still have space for more people. Please be encouraged to come and worship together in church. It is lovely to see you in person and your presence is such an encouragement to the worshipping Church Family, especially those working so hard at keeping the church as a safe, welcoming place of worship in the present circumstances.

When you come, please follow the rules and the guidance of the Welcome Team so that the church can remain open. The Welcome Team will guide you to an available single seat (family seats available for spouses or wider families). We will re-start tea and coffee afterwards just as soon as we are permitted.

In spite of physical distancing and on-going restrictions, we hope you will enjoy being back in church. Not yet with singing, but we can return with the joy of the exiles returning to Zion:

“The ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with singing; everlasting joy shall be upon their heads; they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.” (Isaiah 35:10) 

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