The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it (Psalm 24:1). Caring for God’s creation is about our Christian call to love our neighbours. Here at SSCB we continue to think of new ways to care for God’s creation. As part of this we’ve created a challenge to either take up, or give up, something for Lent that will benefit our earth. 

Lent is a time of self-discipline in order to grow in our discipleship. The Enviro-Lent challenge tie in with the fact that people often give things up for lent, but are designed to help us make a practical environmental difference. Lent is only 40 days long, but these changes could have an impact forever. They’re not easy challenges, but we pray that God uses them to open our eyes to the need for personal renewal.

There are five challenges to choose from, we ask you to read, think and pray about which one you can do this Enviro-Lent. God created us all uniquely and not every challenge is for every person. We hope that there is at least one option to suit everyone and that doing this together can be fun and rewarding. 

  1. Eat Local (Week 1; 6-12 March)
  2. Buy Nothing New (Week 2; 13-19 March)
  3. Reduce household energy (Week 3; 20-26 March)
  4. Ditch single use plastics (Week 4; 27 March – 2 April)
  5. Go meat-free (Week 5; 3-9 April)
Enviro-Lent 2022 Challenges

There will be an article detailing each challenge shared here and in the E-pistle Newsletter each week. We ask you to read, think and pray carefully about each one. 

We ask people to choose their challenge and make their commitment. As a church family we will journey through Lent by making these commitments together. Each challenge will have a leader from within the church family. Groups will have the opportunity to share tips and support each other throughout this season of challenge and renewal. 

Lent runs from Wednesday 2nd March through to Thursday 14th April 2022.

The challenge is based on ‘Living Lent’ We should note that there is normally an additional choice of challenge about transport, however we felt it inappropriate in the light of the high Covid cases currently. If the situation changes, or you feel enabled to do so, please feel free to adopt that challenge too!

[from Cat R-W]

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