When they had all had enough to eat, he said to his disciples, “Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted. John 6:12

The Enviro Lent challenge is over – for this year!  What a blessing to try new things to care for God’s creation.  Now the challenges are over, here are what the participants thought.


Sholto attempted to take on all the challenges! “Most of the challenges are what I try to do anyway, but this stopped me getting complacent, it made me keep plugging away at making small changes. Except the meat-free, I’m an unashamed carnivore, so that was the hardest one for me, but for ethical and practical reasons I wanted to try it out. Individually we can’t make a huge difference, but collectively all our small changes make a huge difference. It’s like John Lennon said – imagine – well imagine all we can do to help our planet. It’s easy if you try.” 


“At first glance eating local seemed a fairly straightforward challenge and on the whole it was. Shopping locally and visiting local farm shops was interesting.  What we were finding is that we became aware of some of the other challenges facing us.  I think we are now more aware of where our food comes from, where we can buy loose fruit and vegetables, and how we can support local shops.”


“A small group decided that we would attempt to go through the whole of Lent without buying anything new. Food, medicines, and second-hand purchases were allowed. For me it was a fabulous conversation piece, I was able to tell people what I was doing and why.”


Emma attempted to reduce household energy use. “It was amazing to see how normal it became to use less energy and be more conscious of what we were using and why. I found it inspiring to remember even little changes could honour the Lord and his planet.”


Grant led the group attempting to ditch single use plastics. “Our group was very mixed from those who had already gone some way along this journey to those of us who were just taking our first baby steps. We now have the pleasure of – fresh milk delivered to our door; homemade yoghurt; taking tupperware to the supermarket for our fish and meat.  We now regularly visit the Refillery in Corstorphine which is excellent.  There were some nuts we failed to crack, but every little helps. We are thankful that we shared this experience and hopefully made some permanent changes.”


“Folk who joined the meat-free challenge had a varied time. Whilst some found that it was hard to make vegetables interesting, others found that simply cutting down meat meals or bulking up their standard dishes was more veg successful. A number agreed that it was an achievable lifestyle step in their contribution towards fighting the climate emergency.”


Father God, we give thanks for our church family who participated in Enviro-Lent.  Help us to remember this world is Your creation and we are trusted to care for it. Show us how You wish us to do this. In Jesus name. Amen.

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[from the Eco Group]

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