Have you seen all the planets God has created?

An amazing astronomical event, and this is not an exaggeration, was visible to us (unless you were obstructed by the thick clouds) on Wednesday. Every planet of the solar system was visible simultaneously! Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars could all be seen in that order in the northern hemisphere with the naked eye, starting from the south-western horizon and moving east. Uranus, located between Mars and Jupiter, and Neptune, which is between Saturn and Jupiter, can be seen with binoculars or a telescope until the end of the year. What an amazing Creation we live in!

All eight planets appeared on Wednesday night and were set to reach conjunction on Thursday night. (the Guardian reported)

When the star of Christ appeared on the night sky on the east many missed it! Only the wise took note of it. Have you seen the planets? Or did you miss them by any chance? Maybe because of the clouds, timing, or you were not interested in them. That’s OK, people are not the same after all.

It was amazing to see the planets all together but imagine how amazing it is to see and know God making His home in our midst! (c.f. John 1:14) How amazing it is to see and be with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the creator of all the stars and planets, and forever! That is also possible to all, whether it is cloudy, or sunny, day or night, because whoever sees the Son and believes in Him will have eternal life! For the Son will raise them all to eternal life on the Last Day! This is the will of God Almighty! (c.f. John 6:39-40)

God came to make his dwelling in our neighbourhood at Christmas! Stars and planets, heaven and earth praise Him! How amazing is our God who created those amazing planets!? All glory, honour and praise are due to Him for ever!

May His grace and love shine over you and your path in the coming New Year!

[from GV]