“Jesus said, ‘I am the good shepherd. I know my sheep and my sheep know me.’” – John 10:14.

I had risen with the sun and drifted amid the pregnant flock on my quadbike as the ewes started to wake. Morning jobs were done; it was time for the sheep to get their daily feed. In addition to the spring grass, each pregnant ewe would receive 150g of protein pellets. My task was to distribute the feed evenly across the flock. To achieve this, I must know my sheep. It’s easy to notice the ewe who stands with her head through the gate bleating as I approach and the black sheep who will happily ram her flock-mates to one side to get at the pellets. However, I must seek out the slow limping grandmother and the recluse first-time mum who are left behind the avalanche of sheep running towards the feed. These stragglers concern me. To these I must give my care. I must come in close and place what they need right in front of them.

If you are a Christian, Jesus is your shepherd and He longs to feed you! The food He gives you is better than the food you can find without Him. The food He gives you is the food you need – maybe it’s not even the food that you think you need!  Are you relying on Him for your spiritual food? Are you receiving Jesus as He draws near? Are you receiving the bread and water of life? 

We were created for the ‘soul fuel’ of relationship with Jesus!  He knows what you need to live life, to make disciples and to grow. He is able to meet your needs right now, where you are. He sees your individual needs. Be confident that Jesus the good shepherd knows you. He sees your enthusiasm, your shy reservations, your serving, your hunger, your pain, he sees everything about you!  He has what you need and offers it freely. Our God will supply all our needs by giving us the riches found in relationship with Jesus (Philippians 4:19).

[from Philip Anderson, Youth Worker]

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