We just finished, by God’s grace a sermon series about the life that is to come after death. As a wee reminder for those who followed it and as a note for those who missed it here are a few words about what we can expect after death: Heaven on Earth.

Heaven is the word in both Old and new Testaments for sky. It is referred to it as being somewhere up there. While Heaven is primarily the ‘place’ where God is, being in His presence, nevertheless right now is a location in physical, tangible, and real space somewhere (not necessarily ‘up there’, for what is ‘up’ for us in Scotland is very much ‘down’ for our brothers and sisters in Australia!). However, at the Second Coming of Jesus heaven will be a renewed cosmos.

Primarily Heaven is a PERFECT place. A place where life is lived to the full without sin – life free of sin’s effects, influences or curse!

Secondly, Heaven is a new world without pain, disease, death, or suffering, or tears. Life will be free from evil and the hurts of evil.

Thirdly, Heaven is the place where we will be together with the redeemed people of God. That will be our new society, the Kingdom of God. Relationships and fellowship without being marred by jealousy, fear, or distrust. What will we do in all eternity? Well, we will work, love, play, share, laugh, and worship together with the saints.

Heaven is a new earth with all its features, redeemed of its curse, pain and sin. Is Creation as it is intended by God, filled with his unspoiled image, redeemed humanity to live life to the full. And all of this for ever and ever, and most importantly in the presence and company of our Saviour, Jesus! We will see His face (Revelation 22:4), and not just having a glimpse of it, but seeing Him always, for ever. Talking to Him, thanking Him for all He did for us and in joyous worship and praise and adoration for who He is.

It is a place where you want to book your place now!

[from GV, based on Derek w. H. Thomas: Heaven on Earth]

Recommended Further Reading:

  • ALCORN, Randy: Heaven (Tyndale House Publishers) – detailed, readable, very informative, Biblical but a bit speculative
  • GRAHAM, Billy: Death and the Life After (W Publishing Group) – addresses all aspects of death and life after, thoroughly Biblical, shares personal testimonies, answers questions, practical, loving and comforting
  • LAWRENCE, David: Heaven: It’s Not the End of the World (Faithbuilders, originally by Scripture Union) – clear and positive presentation, very readable

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