Here it comes again, spring time at SSCb means it is time for another Holiday Club! It is always special, exciting and great fun for almost a whole week! It will be from 10:00am to 12:00pm, on Monday 8th April untill Friday 12th April. The title this time is ‘The Laird of the Ringers’, and the theme is following in the footsteps of Jesus. The Holiday Club is for children of P1 to P7 age group, for only £2 per day (to cover the cost of, snacks, and materials). Every day there will be a drama performance, acted out Bible story, crafts, games, discussion and activity based on the Bible story, snacks, and other excitements, which I’m strictly instructed not to reveal yet!

Some twelve years ago I took part on a fundraising track in Iceland. We had a fantastic guide, who by profession was a philosopher, author, thinker, and in spare time, or when there wasn’t much to think about he was a guide to folks like us. I don’t know how good a philosopher he was, but he was an excellent guide. He just knew how to set the right pace for our small (10 people) but sturdy group so that nobody got too tired, left behind, or felt that the others are slowing them down. He encouraged us, got besides folks and walked with them so we always managed to finish the planned distance every day. He set his footsteps in such a way that it suited us perfectly well. His aim was that all will finish the track, all will enjoy it, and it will bring satisfaction and fulfilment to all of us.

Walking in the footsteps of Jesus is something similar, even better. He walked in the world that all could easily follow him, those that were burdened by personal faults, guilt, those that were outcast, or despised, the old, the young, even children, women and men. For He wanted everyone that followed Him will be blessed and forgiven, and will get to the destination, eternal life. The Holiday Club will set the pace for every participant just in the right rhythm, so all will be able to follow, enjoy, have fun, and enriched by the experience.

If you want to know more about it, you just have to come along!

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