Here we are, Day Three at the Laundrette is gone already. What a week it has been so far! So much fun, singing, games, exciting stories about David, plenty of nice cakes, and drama full of suspense! The children are just as excited on day three as they were on day one! Well this is Holiday Club after all.

After many years of waiting, finally David was crowned as king.Hhe had to wait patiently for God’s promise to be fulfilled. But God was faithful to him, David could trust in His Word! I suppose we all just need to believe and not be afraid, even if the waiting for God’s promises to be fulfilled is long.

Lee told us, how he found God faithful in the past, which gives him the encouragement to trust Him for his future. Thank you Lee.

Lee’s Testimony

Great washing machine designs have been created by the different groups, each unique and particular to the group. At crafts, colourful bracelets, and spectacular crowns were created. They were fab!

Christine and Melville continued to keep our spirits, coffee and sugar levels high with their lovely refreshments. Most grateful we are!

We also had a visit from the youngest attender of the Holiday Club yet, Robert, just ten weeks old, brought his mum, Cat, along to see and enjoy the fun. You can’t start Holiday Club too young! It was great to have them. In the great commotion at the Laundrette Robert almost lost one of his socks! Thankfully we found it! Child and half pair of socks were happily reunited. That was a close call!

Keep your socks clean! Tomorrow is dressing up day, and in the evening Family Social for the parents!

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