Dr Luke has a story to tell. It’s a super incredible, massively, mind-boggling totally AMAZING, absolutely awesome, epically H U G E story. Luke wrote down everything​ that happened because he wanted everyone, everywhere in the whole world to hear what he had to say.

Dr. Luke and his Diary unfold over the course of a week the events that shaped not only his life but history. Luckily for us, Dr. Luke was very clever and studious, writing down as much detail as he could. We pray that the contents of this letter to Theophilus will come to life in the eyes, ears, and minds of our local children.

Holiday Club IS BACK to run the duration of Holy Week and really bring Easter and Jesus’ resurrection story in full view with the saving truth of the gospel. We chose to use Scripture Union’s “Diary of a Disciple: Luke’s Story” this year for the basis of our content because it so closely aligns with the wonder of God’s Word.

The timing couldn’t be better – the hope of spring is in the air, school is briefly put on pause, and local children have a week full of fun learning that the coming Easter Sunday is about something far better than chocolate. Yes, there will still be chocolate! But they’ll also be told all about a God who loves them so unconditionally that he didn’t spare his own Son to save them. Holiday Clubs are summed up in this:

through the power of the Holy Spirit the efforts of one church family can change the life of a child for eternity.

Each Sunday this February, Tim and I will bring the coming Holiday Club to the forefront of your attention to remind how much fun (and how rewarding) it is to be a part of. There’ll be a volunteer sign-up sheet at the back every week, so please consider how you might be involved this year.
Our first volunteer meeting will be following the morning worship service on 27 February.

I hope to see you there.

-kenny [Kenny McCartney, Youth Pastor]

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