Adam is the pastor of La Jolla Christian Fellowship, near San Diego, California, and as you know we have been sharing with them prayer time during the Pandemic. Adam and his fellow pastors, Sean Buckland are vising the UK in the near future and they will share with us in worship, church garden cleaning and plan to run a Holy Spirit Workshop at 14:00 on Saturday 30 October in the church.

The workshop is very promising and exciting as we just finished not that long ago our sermon series about the Holy Spirit. Adam will focus on understanding and balancing the wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit in our Christian discipleship.

Adam will share with us teaching and wisdom from Scripture, exploring how we can apply the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit in a balanced way to our practical life as we live out our faith. The session will be concluded with 30 minutes of listening to the Holy Spirit, to His wisdom, power and guidance to us.

It will be a unique and blessed opportunity to share with our brothers form across the pond, and to grow together in the love and grace of our Lord Jesus, as we listen to the Holy Spirit.

Adam sent a video message to us, which you can check out below.

We are looking forward to seeing you there on Saturday, 30 October. For more information, please contact our church office by email:

The Holy Spirit Workshop will be one of two occasions when we will focus a bit more on the Holy Spirit to be well rooted and grounded in God’s Spirit as He guides us. The other session is called Spirit Soaking and it will be led by Paulin Dalrymple on 5 November.

Holy Spirit Workshop Intro and Greetings from Pastor Adam Stadtmiller

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