Philip Anderson, our Youth Worker has written a new poem about hope. He is sharing it with us both in written form and recited by himself.

In a world and in circumstances when we are so hungry for hope, it is a blessing when someone shares their hope with us.

I found hope…
It began to seep into my normality,
the everyday joys are lifted by helium hope
and daily drudgeries are diluted by this deep
definitive knowledge of the possibility and the promise.
Hope is getting hold of me,
hope I see, hope I taste,
hope my life won't go to waste.
Hope has said to the sceptical parts of me,
Come along taste and see his promise to me,
and dream with him about the possibility!
Pause and pray as I remember the perfect person.
May my life be centred on Jesus, God's Son.
I remember I was made by you, made for this connection.
He has lavished his affection and I am under his zealous protection.
As I pause and pray, hope clarifies my day, with the revelation of the possibility and the promise.
In praying I'm letting the stressing senesce inside of my soul move on from recession, move up from depression
breathe and hope again as fuel amid hard pressing.
Here in the presence of the Prince of Peace
pieces of my person are purged of passivity,
You see the best in me, you perceive possibility,
and you awaken my true humanity.
Here I will unravel all of me.
You listen as I speak openly,
and in this fathering I'm set free,
as I rest and run amid the promise and the possibility.
All powerful,
ever present, 
love was personified,
then love was crucified,
and as he fully died and heaven cried,
sin was swept aside
as he paid the great price for his bride.
Providing a paradise promise to me,
providing a life in step with the Almighty.
Where I once was merely the sum of me,
I now know hope - a promise and a possibility:
Yes hope - the possibility and the promise.
You give me your word that sin is gone -
this covenant of oneness,
this certainty, amid stress, that God, has got this.
This promise, these unshakable truths that have won me.
Your love is my lifetime warranty,
Your covenant has covered me,
all that would have compromised me has been made null and void.
Wait and see! Watch as he sets me free.
Your kingdom come in me, such a promise and so great a possibility.
And it's more than a proverb 
it's more than psalm,
God himself has reached out a palm,
the Kingdom at hand so close we can know it now.
Listen and learn, hope and grow.
Hope is here, with faith and love it casts out my fear.
I found hope, because a dead man rose.
The possibility of Jesus in every situation
and the promise of Jesus at the close.

-by Philip Anderson-

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