One aspect of church family and church life is the singing of hymns we love. Very often we evaluate a church, and worship experience, based on the hymns that were chosen. If we like the hymns, we liked the worship – even if we are unable to remember what the sermon was about or what the Scripture passage was.

‘Hymns We Love’ is a resource, published by Good Book Company, based on favourite traditional hymns. We want to invite you to share in enjoying fellowship together (of course eating will be involved – we are SSCB after all! – coffee and cakes too!) and to hear about the hymns we love, the background, the authors, and about how they can strengthen and encourage us in our faith. Naturally, we will sing the hymns as well!

So, if you enjoy singing the hymns you love, and like company, food, coffee, and cakes, please come along on the third Fridays of the next few months, at 12:30, at SSCB for Hymns We Love. Martin, who will lead us, will be delighted to welcome you.

Our first meeting will be at 12:30, on Friday, 22nd September. Don’t forget to put it into your diary!

The hymn is: How Great Thou Art

from GV & MB