Christmas Meditation Poem by one of our elders, Donald Bruce
If God should come to earth,
    how should he come?
If the divine, the transcendent would
    transcend the laws of physics he wrote,
      fuse the dimensions of body and spirit,
        pierce the canopy ‘tween earth and heaven
      and break through upon earth.
How would it be?
 Should we want such a coming:
    in divine power, as would create worlds out of nothing
      in majesty, beyond monarchies of man’s making
        in beauty, that turns all else dowdy
          in might, that none could withstand
    and in justice, that sears the heart of human corruption?
Aye, for there’s the rub
    For we should be judged by such a one
      and found wanting.
 Should we want such a coming,
    if he were too holy for us?

Such irrefutable evidences as these
    would beguile
        but not convert.
Unless we were willing to do more 
    than merely spectate,
      if God should appear.

It would be better if God came quietly
    like one of us, 
    as one of us.
In a place so obscure, mere onlookers wouldn’t notice
    where only those prepared to be changed would see.
God would send a one-night-only gala concert of angels
    to folk so low in status they would receive it, simply
      and, for joy, run out and share such good news!
God would move seekers of truth from afar, so dedicated
    they would travel to earth’s ends,
      to give treasures to a baby in a feeding trough.
God seeks not unmoved observation
    but commitment.
The jeweler who would sell all for that One jewel,
The searcher who finds treasure in a field and for joy sells all to buy it.
The devout girl who would risk all, in trusting obedience to God
 Such rash faith
    that would travel across aeons of space and time
      to save humanity from its petty illusion of mastery,
    not in pomp and power
      but in the helplessness of a baby
         and the cross of a dying saviour.
 Such rash faith calls from each, who would be changed, 
    the rashness to believe:
      This is the Saviour. 
      This is God come to earth.

 by Donald Bruce
 24-26 December 2020

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