Is there a Godly devotion in Lavender? What does God mean by it? Test it. Devotion is not simply performing an action or function, but doing so through a deep and ardent affection.

I was struck by finance. I give money to the church. Go me! I give quite a lot. Praise me! I give by standing order which was originally set up so that I would not forget and to make it easier on those who bank the cash. Efficient me! But until I reflected on the lavender, it had become just something I did. I have lost the deep and ardent affection for why I give. I just give (there is the performance) and don’t look to loving God through my giving (where is the affection?).

Whether in our giving, our service, our prayers for each other or just our attentiveness to each other, we need to hold fast to (or regain) that affection.

We do not want just to claim the credit of Revelation 2:2 (I know your deeds, your hard work and your perseverance) and overlook Revelation 2:4 (Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken the love you had at first.)

So what do we do? Love each other as Jesus loves us – devotedly. Look at the devotion in Acts 2:42-44 (“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and prayers”). And what happens then? (Awe came upon every soul!)

A few Sundays ago in the Holy Chaos of the start of our Zoom service, one of my dear sisters in Christ showed a vase of lavender on her camera. Reading about lavender was helping her in her walk with Jesus, coming closer to God. But do you know what – as she shared briefly in a fellowship moment with me, I saw how she had set aside and devoted the lavender to God, and an awe did indeed come upon my soul; an awe of how big God is that He is able to speak to each one of us intimately if we just devote ourselves to listening to Him.

In devoting ourselves to God we find a common devotion that binds us together. The next time you see lavender, stop. Devote some time in awe of God’s amazing love for you, for us, for our church family.

[from Timothy Pitt]

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