The other week at our Inspire zoom call we had two passionate 21-year-olds who are studying in Edinburgh. Our young people asked some great questions and grilled Finlay and Mae about their faith! It was great to here their testimonies!

There was a lot a wisdom and encouragement shared. Something that Finlay said has stayed with me and got me thinking deeper: responding to a question about sharing his faith with his friends, he said:

“Sometimes we expect meeting God and that His answers to prayer to be big things. But I’ve learned that God often provides for us in the everyday … like providing opportunities for us and answering prayers little by little.”

I was struck by this comment as I often pray for the youth to have powerful encounters with Jesus, but I realised that I should also ask God, and trust God, to show His unlimited faithfulness to our young people in the everyday, the mundane Monday morning, in their thought life, in their own personal space. 

Please pray for our young people in this time:

“Father God, your love is just what we need to be secure and to flourish! We pray that our young people would experience how loving you are. How faithful you are, how Holy you are, and how fiercely you want to protect and correct them.  Lead our young people to Repent and Believe. Lead our young people to build on you, the Rock, the safe place, the true way to life. Holy Spirit your presence with us turns us from everyday people to world changers, culture crafters, people who love with your love. Do this in our young people we pray. In the little things and the big things we praise you that you are present with our young people Jesus!  Amen.”

[from Philip Anderson, Youth Worker]

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