In this series, we have looked at different names of God. Each one gives us an insight into God’s characteristics, personality, and awesome power. There are many more names which we have not encountered. This series has looked at Hebrew names, but Jesus addressed God the Father as “Abba”, Aramaic for father in the context of a close, intimate, active relationship. There are many more names, and they are set out in the Bible, ready for you to read, to grab hold of and think, “Yes! This helps clarify my feelings right now; this helps describe something of my love for God in this instant.” 

And that’s the thing: God IS love. We may yield to His indescribability (Yahweh – I AM who I AM). Or be inspired by how He knows us and looks after us as a shepherd (Yahweh-Roeh). Or be satisfied that He provides for us (Yahweh-Jireh). We may be struck by the beautiful simplicity of Adonai – Lord. But the name is the means not the end; it is to draw us closer to the person. And we haven’t even begun with the many other names for Ruach Ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit). Look again at our list. Mediate on one at a time and see how appropriate each one is. Put them all together and see how inadequate they are. But in doing so, may you draw nearer to our Father.

YahwehI Am who I Am
El ShaddaiGod Almighty
El EloahMighty, strong
El ElohimCreator, judge
El GibhorStrong God
Yahweh-ElohimLORD Creator
Yahweh-RoehLORD my Shepherd
Yahweh-JirehLORD will provide
Yahweh-RaphaLORD who heals
Yahweh-TsidkenuLORD our Righteousness
Yahweh-ShalomLORD of peace
Yahweh-ShammahLORD is there
Yahweh-NissiLORD our banner
Yahweh-M’KaddeshLORD Sanctifies
Yahweh-TsevaotLORD of Hosts
Yahweh-TsuriLORD is my Rock
El ElyonGod Most High
El RoiGod of seeing
El OlamGod Everlasting
Yahweh HoseenuLORD the Maker
Ha’El Hanne’emanThe Faithful God
Elah ElahinThe God of gods
Ruach Ha-Ko’deshHoly Spirit
El HannorahAwesome God
ImmanuelGod with us
Adonai RabonniLord Teacher
Seh Ha’ElohimThe Lamb of God

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.
    I am the Aleph and the Tav, the Rishon and the Acha’ron, the Reshith and the Qets.  (Revelation 22:13)

[From Timothy Pitt]

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