We have all come through unprecedented times in the last 18 months or so, and we can’t even say that we are completely through it yet. The effects of the pandemic have been life altering and will continue to influence our lives in the future.

We have all felt powerless, even helpless, and certainly vulnerable in this time. Philip Yancey said: “vulnerability is the landing strip for grace”. Feeling weak and vulnerable is not a pleasant experience, but in moments like that we are more perceptive of God’s grace, and more grateful for his gifts and blessings.

The Church of Scotland is encouraging congregations to participate in a National Giving Day during this season of Harvest (September – October) with exactly this in mind. So we will take a moment to reflect on God’s presence with us through these challenging times and offer gifts of thanksgiving back to God.

Money received through this initiative will remain with participating congregations. This money may be used to fund specific work, to launch a new project or simply to offset deficits considering the challenging financial circumstances faced by many of our churches over the last year. 

We at SSCB want to acknowledge and give thanks to our church family and supporters for their faithful giving during these challenging times. Without your support and encouragement our ministry could have not continued, and progress of the Vision 2020 building project could not have been achieved!

The Church of Scotland’s encouragement to us is most welcome as we want to be well prepared, moving forward with our ministry at SSCB. Your gifts will make that possible, they will contribute towards our Youth Ministry and the building fund.

So, we want to encourage you, our church family, and supporters to consider prayerfully a special offering to SSCB for Youth Ministry, or the building fund or just for the general fund of the church, as our reserves need restoring. All money raised will remain here at SSCB and used for the purpose you choose.

The only criteria are these:

  • Please make the giving by 31 October (it does not have to be on 31 October, you can make your giving any time until then).
  • Indicate that it is for the National Giving Day and, if you wish, please indicate whether your giving is for Youth Ministry; Vision 2020 Fund; or General Fund.

We will hold a thanksgiving for the generous gifts on the 31 October. Please follow the future articles for more information.

Account name: St Stephen’s Comely Bank Church
Sort Code 80-11-05
Account Number 00294121

Please indicate the purpose of your gift: i.e. National Giving Day

Thank you,

George Vidits, minister, on behalf of the Kirk Session

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