– Holy Week Services 2022 –

Holy Week brings before us a number of characters who surrounded Jesus and the cross. This Holy Week we will look at some of them, who surrounded the cross. I personally find very helpful the large-scale painting of Golgotha by the Hungarian painter Mihály Munkácsy. I had the privilege to see this painting accompanied by two others that form his renowned Biblical Trilogy (Christ Before Pilate; Ecce Home; and Golgotha). Munkácsy was a very skilled genre painter and the characters he depicted come powerfully alive on the canvas.

We can find striking characters, specific faces, and faceless crowd around the cross. It seems that the whole of humanity – past, present, and future – ranging from the good, the bad to the ugly gathered around the cross of Jesus. Jesus died for all of them, all of us! His saving death can lift out each and every one of their sinfulness.

For some, meeting Jesus meant the beginning of a new life, for others it meant the fulfilment of their judgement, depending on who they saw in the Man dying on the cross. It wasn’t easy to recognise and accept that the suffering, tortured, dying Master was the Son of God who saves sinners by his sacrifice on the cross. It is not easy to recognise the Saviour in Him even today. Both then and now one needs faith to acknowledge him as their Redeemer.

As we look closer at the characters around the cross, we can get to know better not just them but ourselves and Jesus too. Join us at our Holy Week Services so that the words of John will come true in your life as well:

“These are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.” (John 20:31)

Our Holy Week Services will be at 19:00 on Zoom (Monday -Thursday, and Saturday), and in person in church at 19:00 on Good Friday.

  • Monday, 11 April, 19:00 – Judas (Matthew 26:14-16; 47-50; 27:1-5) [preacher George Vidits] on Zoom
  • Tuesday, 12 April, 19:00 – Peter (Luke 22:54-62) [preacher George Vidits] on Zoom
  • Wednesday, 13 April, 19:00 – John (John 19:25-27) [preacher Martin Bethell] on Zoom
  • Maundy Thursday, 14 April, 19:00 – The Thief on the Cross (Luke 23:32-43) [preacher George Vidits] on Zoom
  • Good Friday, 15 April, 19:00 – The King on the Cross (Luke 23:39-43) [preacher George Vidits] in church
  • Saturday, 16 April, 19:00 – The Centurion (Matthew 27:27-54) [preacher George Vidits] on Zoom

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