We are getting more and more excited as Tuesday, 23 March approaches. This is the date the Scottish Government intends to confirm places of worship may open their doors for service (max number: 50). We pray and hope there will be nothing hindering them, and therefore us, from re-opening our church for prayer and worship.

The Church of Scotland and the Presbytery of Edinburgh have already assured us that they will not issue further requirements for the re-opening of churches. Churches (like us) that have been open after the first lockdown had satisfactorily shown the safety of their buildings. We just need to maintain the same vigilance, physical distancing and hygiene standards we had practiced before.

We are eagerly awaiting both the civil and church authorities’ permission and guidelines to re-open our church building for prayer and worship as soon as possible (earliest date: Sunday worship – 28 March; church open for prayer – 7 April). While we wait, we are planning the cleaning and setting up of the church to welcome you for worship and prayer.

As we obtain all the necessary information for the opening of our building, we will let you know through our website, newsletter, and social media (Facebook, and Twitter). As you wait, please pray that we will be able to open the church and it will be a safe place for all! Please also pray and consider how you will be able to help keeping the church open for prayer and worship. Consider helping by being on the welcome team on Sundays or being a friendly face to those who will come to pray on a Wednesday. Let Alison, our Operations Co-ordinator know if you can help by emailing to office@comelybankchurch.com.

[from George Vidits, minister]

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