Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come – Prayer Campaign 21-31 May 2020

Do you want God’s Kingdom to come, and come soon in full grace, power and glory? I hope you do! Are you willing to do something about it?

Here is something you can do about it, even in lockdown! Now there is not much we can do in lockdown, but we always can PRAY! Prayer is fundamental to us at SSCB! Or so it should be! So, let’s seize the opportunity to pray for God’s Kingdom to Come!

‘Thy Kingdom Come!’ is a global prayer movement. It wasn’t global to start out with in 2016, but now it is. It is an initiative inviting Christians to pray for God’s Kingdom to break through into our world. It is organised yearly from Ascension Day to Pentecost (for most of us  this year that is 21st to 31st May). Last year Christians from 172 countries took part in it! This year you can be part of it too! I think that is pretty amazing!

Do not be afraid, or feel stressed about this. There are different ways to pray, and they are all good. Last year we suggested (on the basis of the prayer pattern of the Bishop of York) choose five people you want to pray for and pray the Lord’s Prayer for them! Here is John Sentamu’s encouragement: Lord’s Prayer for Five. Pray for them all year around, and wait for God to act.

There are really helpful and encouraging resources available at the Thy Kingdom Come website: There are exciting resources from prayers you can use to family resources (really great fun!), and prayer journals. You may prefer to read written prayers or to pray what you feel the Lord has laid on your heart. You will know what works best for you. Prayer resources are available at

We encourage you to take part in this prayer movement. It will bless you too!

We are joining our brothers and sisters in North-West Edinburgh as we pray for Thy Kingdom Come. Churches from Cramond, Drylaw, Old Kirk & Muirhouse, Granton and St. Columba’s Blackhall are part of it and they are inviting us too! We desperately need Jesus’ presence and help, individually and as His people!

Martin Bethell, our Prayer Co-ordinator is co-ordinating this. Our ‘prayer slot’ is the afternoon of Friday, 29th May, from 12:00 to 23:00. Martin divided it up to 30 minutes periods. Some periods are taken already, and as this is changing all the time, we can’t offer an accurate schedule. It is never a problem if more people pray at a certain time anyway! You can sign up for one slot, two slots together or more than one slot at different times. You can pray as individuals, Family Groups, Social Groups. Obviously, this will be in the privacy of your own homes due to the current lockdown.

If you would like to join in, please email Martin at letting him know you want to be part of this and also your preferred time period of 30 minutes. He will acknowledge your message and will advise you as well.