“In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” [John Bunyan]

General Prayer Points – 24 September 2021

  • Pray for a clean heart before the Lord, and ask Him to renew His spirit in you (Psalm 51:10).
  • Pray for our time of worship at our Pulpit Exchange Sunday, 26 September, with Murrayfield Parish Church will be a blessing to both congregations and ministers.
  • Pray for the forthcoming Eco Services on 3 and 10 October, especially pray for God’s guidance and inspiration on those taking part and we as a church family will respond to God at the services.
  • Pray for help and support with the AV Desk (Audio Visual Desk) at our services, that we will have volunteers coming forward to serve this way on Sundays.
  • Pray for God’s healing grace for all who are ill. In particular pray for I and J, for peace of mind and heart, and for quick diagnosis and full recovery respectively.
  • Give thanks for the opportunities we (Kenny, and SSCB team) had at Broughton High School with LEAD among S6 pupils, and for being able to visit and introduce ourselves to the S1 year group.

Prayer Points for Our Cluster Group

  • Pray for our Cluster Group churches, their leaders and members to know God’s gracious leadership and guidance in their ministry and fellowships.
    • Palmerston Place
      • Pray for Palmerston Places virtual open doors event to have an impact and inspiration on all their visitors.
    • Murrayfield Church
      • Pray for the pulpit exchange Sunday Murrayfield has with us, SSCB this Sunday, 26 September.
    • Stockbridge Church
      • Pray for God’s blessing on the new Shared Steps inspirational material to stir thinking, praying and discussion in the congregation.

Prayer points for the Persecuted Church

  • Pray for the persecuted Christians and the suffering church in Yemen. Only a few thousand of Christians are in Yemen, with a total population of about 30 million. Christians in Yemen usually keep their faith in secret. If it is discovered they could face the death penalty. Leaving Islam is forbidden, all Yemenis are considered Muslim by the state. Yemen as a nation and country suffered a lot and faces humanitarian crisis because of the ongoing war and the Covid-19 pandemic. Emergency relief if there are any, are distributed via Islamic organisations, and local mosques so Christians can’t have access to them. There are accounts of Christians being refused medical treatment at under-resourced hospitals. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Yemen, asking the Lord to break their isolation, and sense of abandonment. Pray that the Prince of Peace will bring reconciliation, peace and stability to that country, recovery from suffering and humanitarian crisis. Pray the Lord will equip and strengthen our brothers and sisters building a resilient church.