Prayer Points – 02 July 2020

  1. Pray for all those that are ill and lonely either at home or in hospital, those in care homes, or receiving end of life care.
  2. Give thanks that we are able to open up the church building (the sanctuary, worship space) for private prayer. The Presbytery approved our Risk Assessment and our preparations and provisions for health and safety. Pray that the related guidelines will be followed, and that visitors will find a place of peace and safety.
  3. Pray also that we will soon be able to open the building on Sundays for Public Worship once given the go ahead by the Scottish Government.
  4. Pray for all the families at SSCB. A number are expecting new babies very shortly and there are also families facing distress at this time.
  5. Thy Kingdom Come – pray that in Home Groups and at Kirk Session that we might work out not only what God is saying to us as a church but how we can put into practice what He is asking us to do, and that all of us are ready to tune into God and be prompted by the Holy Spirit.
  6. Wisdom as lockdown restrictions are lifted and we start to face the New Normal, and continue to be safe and that SSCB be a beacon for Hope in the community.
  7. Pray for the persecuted and suffering Christians and church in Iraq. Islamic extremism is still a problem in Iraq. Although the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) have lost territory in Iraq, their ideology remains, and the Shia militias who helped drive out IS also persecute Christian believers.