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Sunday 31st October is National Giving Sunday – a Church of Scotland pledge day made necessary due to the significant loss of income during lockdown. This Autumn is therefore a great season for us to prayerfully consider what we do with the resources that God has entrusted to us. In the previous E-pistles I have waxed lyrical about why giving is so good for us, I have shared some passages that you may want to read and reflect upon. Here I will share some facts and figures as you prayerfully consider your giving over the next few weeks.

All gifts given on the pledge day by Sunday 31st October will go entirely to SSCB!  Gifts are normally shared across Church of Scotland churches to ensure that all areas are equally able to spread the good news of Jesus. However, this giving day is different because every church has suffered significant financial loss during the Covid restrictions. Financially, things are difficult for all churches – we are no different. 

We give thanks to God for the recent building works, a decision made in pre-Covid days. The changes to the toilets, kitchen and office were desperately needed and means that we are now in line with modern building regulations. We are thrilled that we can now provide for those in wheelchairs. However, we were not able to undertake everything that was in the original plans as there was not enough money. The building project currently has a shortfall of approx £5,000. Please prayerfully consider if you could help to meet these costs. 

Regular income has been severely impacted by Covid restrictions, our usual income from hall lets being the most obvious example. Cash collection have also been impacted due to the lack of in-person services and the need to no longer pass the collection plate around.  We are currently spending £1,600 per month more than is being taken in. We’ve been eating into our reserves since March 2020 in order to keep everything going but are now below the threshold for safe reserves. Please prayerfully consider if you could start to give a regular gift or increase your regular gift. 

Pray – What has God laid on your heart? Listen carefully for an answer. You can use the Bible references in Part One of this series for guidance. 

Plan – Carefully consider what you can give. Pocket change that requires no thought is not the Biblical example that we are set. As Christians we are called to genuinely considered sacrificial giving – this could be to the church and to other charities and missions. Be wise and think about regular gifts, they add up.  Remember Gift Aid and any other ways of increasing the value of your giving. 

Remember – Resources vary for each person, and often vary throughout our lives. This is not a competition. Don’t be embarrassed if you have less to give than you would like. Please do not put yourself into debt. God knows your heart. 

Pledge – Please decide what you wish to pledge before the service on 31st October. This can be a combination of regular giving, one off gifts and pledges to do something like a fundraising event. Some may wish to plan for the longer term and pledge gifts for the future such as in their wills.  

If you want 100% of your gift to be used solely by SSCB, then please donate to the church between now and the last National Giving Day, Sunday 31st October. 

National Giving Day – 31st October 

Please start praying and planning now.

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[from Cat Rawlinson-Watkins]

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