As images of war, and refugees surround us on every media outlet where can we find words of comfort and strength that are more than clichés? 

The Psalmists, inspired and powered by God’s Holy Spirit have got the right words for us whatever we might go through, and they never used a cliché!

Read slowly and prayerfully Psalm 46, asking God to speak to you and into the present situation in Ukraine.

I’m not sure of the exact circumstance in which the Sons of Korah wrote this Psalm, but it could not be more different than the circumstances of war-torn Ukraine! They looked into the reality of their circumstance, measured up its depth, and were very much aware of its danger! Yet they lifted their eyes to God the Most High! In Him they found refuge, and strength!

In verse 10 we read: “Be still, and know that I am God.” This is a verse that is often used to comfort ourselves and others. It suggests serenity, offers calmness, tranquillity in God. I think God wants to say more than that here. Instead of being a gentle suggestion, the context (verses 8, 9 and the rest of verse 10 and 11) implies this is more a command to those who are causing the war: “stop fighting.” “Cease striving” could be another way to translate it, addressed to the enemies of God’s people, saying stop struggling against God Most High, it is futile, He is in control, He is above the nations and the earth. Acknowledge Him as God Almighty! This is comforting to the suffering and the fearful too. Seek and find your peace in God, be in awe before the Most High, rest in His greatness, power and love. Verse 10 has something to say to both parties in the war, and to us as well.

Reading the Psalm, I found my heart more at peace, more at rest for it brought me into the presence of my God and Saviour, Jesus Christ who himself said to the raging storm “Be still!” Together with the disciples I can but bow before Him: “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!” I know that my life is safe in His hands for ever!

If you are seeking for a prayer for Ukraine and all suffering because of war, Psalm 46 is your prayer. Pray it, meditate over it, ask God to speak to you through it, ask Him to act through it in your life and in the lives of those affected by war. Place people in the hands of Him who can command even the wind and the waves!

[from GV]

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