The long planned refurbishment work at the church is about to begin and it will affect our daily life and ministry at church. Timothy Pitt, our Session Clerk tried to sum up here most important information about the work and its implications for us. We hope you will find this helpful.

What are the planned dates?

Works start on 7th June and are due to complete in the week of 13th September 2021.

Roughly, what are we doing again?

Phase 1 involves a new kitchen and toilets and a better accessway. We are also moving the electrics box from the ‘toilet corridor’ to the West Transept ready for a new office and entrance where the prayer room currently exists.

Where are the ‘out of bounds’ areas?

Kitchen, ladies and gents toilets, both halls and the side access doors.

How do I get into church?

Via the Tower entrance (accessible) or the front entrance on Comely Bank Road.

If you need access through the week and no other door is open, even if you have a key, ring the bell and the builders will let you in; they control the site for health & safety.

Will we still do coffee and if so, how?

Yes! The vestry has been set up as a preparation point and we will then bring the tea and coffee from there into the main Sanctuary or outside in good weather, just as we do at present.

What if I need the toilet?

Repent! We are warned of ‘damnation without relief!’ Fortunately, others provide while your Session Clerk tries to joke: there is a toilet in the vestry. Please be careful as you pass the aforementioned coffee preparation area!

We will try to ensure the toilet in the Prayer Room is available each Sunday, but it is liable to be dusty.

What about Creche, Sunday Club and Inspire?

Creche facilities would be available, subject to Sunday clean up, in the Prayer Room.

Sunday Club will try to meet in the church gardens, and will use the Session Room if the weather is bad. Access to the Session Room is via the Vestry and the Church Office (please be careful of the coffee preparation point and the long queue of people waiting for the toilet!). Sunday Club does not usually meet over the summer holidays.

Inspire will remain flexible – likely to be meeting online for the Youth Alpha course, perhaps in the Session Room when not in use by Sunday Club. And I’m sure it says somewhere that God loves His children to go for ice cream and Bible study trips …

Can I see what’s going on?

You cannot access the corridors, halls, kitchen or toilets, but we will see the project taking shape. Please do come to church on Sunday and see for yourself.

I still have a question

Please speak to Timothy Pitt. (He might not answer, but you can still ask him!)

Against the walls of the main hall and inner sanctuary he built a structure around the building, in which there were side rooms. (1 Kings 6:5)

[from Timothy Pitt, Session Clerk]

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