Reporting on the Day of Prayer and Work – Spring – 26 February 2022

“Rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5 v 16-18)

This verse came to us as an overarching theme for the day and served us well. Those who prayed (together in church or separately in their selected hours) and provided feedback all pointed to re-invigoration and fellowship in this shared time adoring God.

For some, there was a 9am prayer hour in church followed by a Work Party doing tasks around the church. A lovely time that achieved much more than anticipated.

Through the day, we were all blessed. It struck a few of us that there was a double blessing: the 9am prayer time was so Spirit-filled and special – and we got to do it all over again. You see, the Zoom prayer hour with La Jolla Christian Fellowship in San Diego, was at 5pm our time … 9am their time!

We prayed under the covering of the verse from 1 Thessalonians. The feedback sits well under it, too. Please be encouraged to join the next Day of Prayer: in-person at church, in a prayer slot wherever you are or in the Zoom hour with La Jolla. Or all three! We have declared that we are a praying Church Family. Prayer is about coming to the Lord whatever our situation. God was present and God responded:


  • Regardless of the circumstances, God can and does, work in us and through us in all circumstances – that is definitely reason to be joyful!
  • It was a lovely hour to sit quietly after a busy day, to pray and read His word.
  • I left feeling so encouraged. What a God we have!
  • On two occasions prayers were said aloud for exactly the same ‘issue’ as had popped into my heart. And beautifully and clearly expressed too! 
  • It felt that the Holy Spirit was really leading and moving among us rather than us taking initiative. It felt and was so very good.
  • We need to be a Holy Spirit family, knowing that we are accepted by Jesus as we are, actively pursuing God.
  • It is good to pray together and it was so good to be reminded to rejoice whatever the circumstances.

Pray continually

  • Seek more of His presence, individually and as community. Like a constant ‘drip drip’ through every day; not just as a ‘binge session’ every so often.
  • Praying together needs to be more regular that a monthly Prayer Meeting and a Quarterly Day of Prayer…
  • We need this for our souls … why starve ourselves?
  • Early Morning Prayer Times for the Church were on my heart; Cat spoke on exactly that in her sermon the next day.
  • It was so very good to gather physically to pray.
  • We need to be a praying, Bible-reading, God-honouring FAMILY.
  • It was good to connect across the Pond and pray for one another.

Give Thanks

  • That as a church we should do what we are called to do and do it well and do nothing more. 
  • As we focus on being in His presence, everything else will follow.
  • Accept the challenge of change.
  • Don’t judge.
  • The Preaching Ministry at SSCB.
  • As a Church family we can look after each other, and encourage each other to keep going, to slow down or indeed give something up.

We finish with a picture which came through prayer; an encouragement to see what God does for us. The picture was of a detailed coastline with a large bay. There were small wooden boats crossing from one side of the bay to the other. And there were bridges in different states of repair as people tried to build a bridge across. But the coastline was constantly shifting. Boats and incomplete bridges that were far from the other side of the bay were suddenly, and safely, at their destination. The Lord says “I am making everything new!” We may try to struggle across through our efforts, but God is providing for us, making space for us. This is not a storm of trial and tribulation; this is simply seeing what God is doing. Be encouraged to look up from our own efforts and see what He does for us.

[from Timothy Pitt]

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