Lent begins on the 17th of February and runs until Saturday before Easter, 3rd of April. These six weeks are traditionally the period of preparation for Easter, and inner spiritual journey to the cross, a time for prayer, penance, repentance, and self denial. How will you prepare for Easter?

For some it is good to complete ‘this journey’ together with others. Maybe in a Home Group, if you are not part of one, this might be a good time to join one. Just email us at office@comelybankchurch.com and we will be able to help you.

Others prefer to do it in solitude, just themselves together with the Lord every day, maybe with the help of a suitable devotional book. Or you might just want to do both!

We would like to suggest a couple of resources for this Lenten period.

Prayer Course II – Teaser

Unanswered Prayer – The Prayer Course II

This resource is designed more for Home Groups but individuals can use it too.

It was developed by Pete Greig (24/7 Prayer). It is a five-week follow-up series to The Prayer Course, designed to provoke honest conversation around the hardest and most personal questions we ask about prayer. It is a free video based course and it is launched on 17th February. So you need to be a bit patient until then.

Devotional Book for Lent

‘To Seek and to Save’ is a daily devotional book for Lent by Sinclair Ferguson. He is following Jesus’ journey to the cross as the Gospel of Luke gives account of it. This will be an excellent supplement to our sermon series during Lent (well, for most of it). In our sermons we will also journey together with Jesus to Jerusalem. Our series will be called: ‘The Road to Jerusalem’. It will be based on the accounts of the Lord’s journey as it was recorded by various gospel writers. The book is available online both in printed format and as an e-book at The Good Book Company.

Sinclair Ferguson: To Seek and To Save

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