Lord, I have heard of your fame;
    I stand in awe of your deeds, Lord.
Repeat them in our day,
    in our time make them known;
    in wrath remember mercy.
” Habakkuk 3:2

As we continued our sermon series ‘Shaping Our Story’ last Lord’s Day, we reflected, with the help of Isaiah 6:1-8, on how a revival starts. Isaiah saw and personally experienced the awesomeness, holiness, and glory of God.

In Scripture we find countless stories about the majesty and greatness of God, the power and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the sweeping, purging might of the Holy Spirit transforming lives and changing history. Habakkuk, living and prophesying about a century after Isaiah, longed to have the experience and vision of Isaiah in his own time. This was not a selfish desire, just for himself, but for the people of God.

When we read passages like Isaiah 6, we also kindle similar yearnings like Habakkuk to see God acting mightily in our lives as he did in the past when He stirred up people and His church to revival. When we hear of revivals of the past or at other parts of the world we long to be par to it, hungering for God’s presence, peace in our hearts and in our world, thirsting for His justice, and just having more of God in our lives.

We need more of God in our lives and in the church! But how can one start a revival? How can I be part of it, or experience it? It is not us who start a revival! It is the Lord God Almighty! He starts it and completes it! But He never forces it upon you or on His church! He moves when His people seek His face and ask for revival! In His time he responds to their prayer!

That’s how it began on the Isle of Lewis and that’s what we saw in Isaiah 6. At a time of crisis God’s people called out to Him. God revealed Himself in fullness and Isaiah met Him as He was, in His holiness, glory, and might. In the presence of holy God Isaiah met himself as he, Isaiah was, sinful and unclean, just like the people among whom he lived! In his brokenness and repentance, he met God full of mercy, his guilt was taken away and his sin was atoned for! Being revived Isaiah was ready and willing to go and meet God’s people with God’s message for revival, spreading it across the land.

When we long for revival the revival must start with us before it will spread across the land.


When we long for revival the revival must start with us before it will spread across the land. The question is, are you willing to get it rolling? Do you want revival here at SSCB? Will you pray for revival? Will you ask God to revive you first, then His people here at SSCB, and across the city and beyond? Will you pray as Isaiah and Habakkuk did? Will you pray as the old, housebound sisters prayed at Barvas, Isle of Lewis! Will you pray for revival as the minister and the elders, challenged by those sisters, did?

I challenge you to pray and fast for revival. Pray that God will send His Holy Spirit to cleanse us, wash us clean, making us ready and strong for His service. Pray that Holy Spirit will revive our church family, visit us with His fire and power. Pray for more of God in your life, in our church, in our community and city!

If you heard of God’s fame and you stand in awe of His deeds of the past – will you pray that He will renew them in our day?

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