Revival /rɪˈvʌɪv(ə)l/ – a reawakening of religious fervour, especially by means of evangelistic meetings.

When we hear about revival, we usually think of it as the definition above describes it. We think big! Some powerful big meetings with good enthusiastic speakers, and convincing evangelistic message. To suggest otherwise seems defeatist. Or is it?

The story is told about Gypsy Smith (Rodney “Gipsy” Smith MBE (1860 – 1947), British evangelist, active for over 70 years in the USA and UK.) that he was asked how to start a revival, how to pray for it. Gypsy Smith answered, “take a piece of chalk, and draw a circle on the ground around yourself and start praying for revival for everything that is within the circle!”

Think small, rather than big. Start revival with yourself! Ask the Lord Jesus to send His Holy Spirit to you, so He, the Holy Spirit, will begin His transforming ministry in your life, shaping your thinking, your attitude, your actions to be like that of Christ’s, so Christ will shine through everything you say, do, or think.

That’s exactly how Jesus began the revival that became the church! On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit came to the 12 disciples instead of the many thousands of people who were in Jerusalem at the time! Jesus started small. The disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit, were transformed, revived, came out of hiding, and bravely began to testify to Jesus in front of a crowd, numbering thousands. By the end of the day 3000 people accepted Peter’s message, were baptised, and joined the disciples! (Acts 2:1-41)

We need a revival today too! Let’s begin small! Draw a circle around yourself and start praying for everything within that circle to be revived by the Lord!

[from GV]

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