“Streams in the desert” – SSCB refresh events (Isaiah 43:19)

Getting soaked in Scotland is not an unfamiliar phenomenon. As I recall my years in Helensburgh the real art was trying to stay dry!

But the challenges of life, personal issues, job, health, finances, family, war, fear, and anxiety all punch a hole on our soul, heart, or mind and it is easy to feel that our energy, spirit is draining away – sometime fast emptying, other times slowly sipping away. So, we can become “half empty” or “half full” people, at worst scenario a totally drained, dried up people!

I want to remind you we are Christians, followers of Christ. And Jesus Christ came that we might have life to the FULL! (John 10:10)

The good news is that we can be filled up, we can be soaked by the love, grace, and the Spirit of God, bringing us stronger faith, fresh hope, and complete love!

Pauline has received this calling from the Lord to share the blessings and the revitalising Spirit of God with others. To fill up the half empties and half fulls and the totally empties.

And you know what is wonderful about God’s Holy Spirit? He is so diverse you can’t even imagine! Paul reminds us that God can do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work in us -that’s God’s Holy Spirit- (Ephesians 3:20)! When you are soaked by the Holy Spirit the Spirit also plugs in the holes that were punched on your soul, spirit, and heart! He is filling you up and healing you too!

Pauline is going to lead another Spirit Soaking event on Saturday, 26 March – just in time to prepare you for the Lord’s Supper on Sunday 27 March! It is an exciting and promising time to share, pray, and come under the soaking cover of God’s Holy Spirit!

Are you half full? Are you half empty? Are you dry? Do you want to be refilled? Be full of life? Whatever is your case, you should be at SSCB on Saturday 26 March to be soaked by the Holy Spirit.

Please click on the sign-up form bellow to make sure you will be there.

[from GV]

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